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oh hai have a mid-ep 48 Oikawa

This isn't the Digital World! What is this place?!


*25 years later, this Ken seems to have abandoned the outfit he had before in favor of a more typical one.* Well, I haven't seen this place in a while. Heh, guess I was pretty immature back then, huh, Wormmon?

*The Digimon looks exactly the same, naturally.* You were a bit of a jerk back then...

I wonder if any of my friends are around here. Even if they probably won't be the ones I remember.

Jun. 19th, 2009

By one vote once again, this week's virus, running from Friday June 19th - Thursday June 25th (any time zone's date goes), is Epilogue: Your character is twenty-five years older and wiser and may or may not 'remember' how they got to this point (career, family, etc). Use of the actual epilogue, for the 02 characters, is entirely optional.

Have fun with it! Once again I'm sincerely sorry that this virus is late. As usual it's entirely optional.

Add or discuss virus ideas here!


Virus time again! Sorry for dropping the ball on this poll, I really should have gotten it up sooner...

Which virus would you like to play in Dressing next?

Nolita Fairy Tale: Your character believes they are from a fairy tale, and act accordingly. Bring on your princesses, your knights, your peasants, your dragons attacking the village, etc ad nauseam.
Epilogue: Your character is twenty-five years older and wiser and may or may not 'remember' how they got to this point (career, family, etc). Use of the actual epilogue, for the 02 characters, is entirely optional.
Through the Looking Glass: Characters have their most prized trait, physical or mental, reversed. This isn't their most prominent trait, but the one they take the most pride in.
Cultural Divide: The language barrier's up. Characters can only understand the languages they actually speak.
Playing a Part: Your character's decided to have fun with the various costumes available around the theatre. However, they now think they are whatever or whoever they're dressed as, and can have the abilities their part would have.

Are you a bad enough dude to tick the boxes?

how is ticky formed
I think ticky is a pretty cool box. ti fills questoins and doesn't afraid of anything
BANG! And the box is gone!
Candmon Jack would like this tic

Some more detail on the Cultural Divide idea: While the cast around here is predominantly Japanese, we do have a handful of English speakers (why don't we have more non-English-speaking international Chosen? o.o) and that's before we get into the AUs. Mark what language your character's speaking and then have fun letting those affected by the language barrier confuse each other. I hope your character's good at charades!

Needs moar ideas, too!


*A young boy is walking behind a Tentomon, wearing an outfit that should be familiar to anyone who's encountered the Digimon Kaiser or the Digital Erloser, aside from the fact that he's carrying the cape, glasses and other accessories instead of wearing them. He also looks humiliated.* Ken-chan, isn't there anything else I could wear?

*The Tentomon somehow manages to look annoyed at the question.* No. That's the only outfit I have with me. So unless you'd rather wear one of the stage costumes, that's it.
Been a bit quiet here lately. Anyone have finals? I hope they went well! Congratulations to any graduates we may have, too.

The latest entirely optional virus, running from Friday May 29th to Thursday June 4th is The Franchise is Called Digimon: Human or otherwise non-digimon characters (the D-Reaper, the puppy Ken kicked, the Norns, etc) turn into digimon. Digimon can be humans for the week.

As always, suggest and discuss more virus ideas here.



 *Takato found some abandoned paper and crayons in a corner of the dressing room.  So of course he immediately started drawing everything that comes to mind.  What he hasn't noticed is the way his finished drawings seem to be falling off of the paper, becoming solid and piling up on the floor.  Except for the ones that are slowly rolling away towards the door.*

[OOC:  Event go!  For the next week every non-living object Takato draws becomes real.] 
This week's virus, by one vote, going from Friday May 15th to Thursday May 21st (any time zone's date goes), is Fighting Evil By Moonlight: Congratulations! Your character suddenly has a superpower they didn't have before. This may be all out Firebending or barely enough spark to turn on a lightbulb. (No blowing up the theatre, please!)

Remember, viruses are entirely optional; you can affect one or two of your characters, all of them, or even none at all.

Feel free to suggest or discuss virus ideas here!


[Ken suddenly appears, looking incredibly disturbed. However, once he takes note of where he is, he takes a deep breath, and his expression shifts into something more neutral.]

This place again...

[He glances around.]

At least none of them followed me here.

((Ken has just narrowly escaped being killed by zombies, and is more than a little freaked out. 8D))

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