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Digimon Dressing Room

This dressing room just went digital.

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A dressing room roleplaying game for Digimon characters

digital dressing room

Welcome to the Digimon Dressing Room! This is a roleplaying community for Digimon characters to chillax together in, oddly enough, a stage dressing room (but feel free for them to find other rooms around the theatre too!) and maybe meet a few alternates along the way. We take characters from any Digimon canon, be it anime or manga or any of the games. There's no application process and you don't already have to be part of another RPG, just hop on in!


canon kthx
No original characters are allowed. However, AU versions of canon characters and fleshed out minor characters (no matter how minor - we're talking the internationals or the epilogue kids from Adventure, just as an example) are allowed, as are, obviously, RP-verse versions.

pg-13 plz
If it's over PG-13, cut it and warn; but really, no R+ rated posts either.

vegas rule, part uno
What happens OOC stays OOC. Don't bring outside drama into your IC funtiems. Please play nicely and try to work stuff out yourself before taking it to the mods. :)

vegas rule, part dos
As a blanket rule, let's say what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room; but at the end of the day it's up to the muns. Though as a suggestion, if there are a few of you from the same game it should possibly be consistent to avoid character confusion.

have fun!
Yeah, yeah, I know all the dressing rooms say that.

Comment here for affiliation!


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Your friendly neighborhood mod is starshone_storm, who is most likely to be popping in and out as legendarytamer, asecondlegend, or ihatefireflies (but may also wander in with other especially hilariously minor characters; SHE PLAYS A LOT)!

If you have any issues, feel free to e-mail her at starshone.storm (AT) gmail.com or AIM her at Starshone Storm (but be aware that she lives in a funny timezone).

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